We are creating the New Earth.


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The Universe of GRACE Church is here to expand the consciousness of our planet through the inspired pursuit of self-mastery and create the New Earth. We have been given the assignment to create Heaven on Earth for all sentient beings while living in harmony with, and being devoted stewards of Mother Earth, in constant devotion to the Divine.

We are awakening, empowering, and holding a healing space for all of humanity through the ancient religious and spiritual wisdom teachings from the natural queendom, and our divine Mother Goddess. We are committed to helping all Light-Beings remember who they are, who they've been and come back to wholeness so they can share their spiritual gifts with the world.

Through donation-based products, sacred ceremonies, and destination retreats, we will build the first Universe of GRACE healing sanctuary to hold the prayers and frequencies of the fifth dimension. We, at GRACE, are deeply honored to be creating the space where all those with the same assignment, will co-habitate, co-create, share, pray, dance, laugh, sing, and embody the gods and goddesses that we truly are.

Our deepest knowing is that all life is sacred and valuable, we live in a universe of infinite intelligence, love is the unifying Source of all and what benefits one should benefit the ALL. Through one vision, prayer and harmonic resonance we are holding a space of unconditional love and unwavering acceptance in sacred ceremonies so that All can free flow into the divine harmonic embodiment and experience total liberation.

The Universe of GRACE, is humbled and honored to be chosen to serve in this way. We look forward to giving you the key to eternal life. Please submit a donation below if our vision resonates with your heart. We will use it with integrity in service to all life.

Hu - Hotep - Seba

If you would like to assist the Universe of Grace in creating Heaven on Earth or sponsor someone less fortunate with the healing ceremonies we offer, click the DONATE button below. We appreciate any support. Our mission is SO BIG!!!!!

If you are donating more than $1,000.00, please contact us directly so that no fees are taken from your donation. Please contact us directly at  givelove@universeofgrace.org. Thank you!



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