Welcome to a sacred space in the Universe of Grace.

Grace offers support and guidance on your spiritual journey of ascension. In this space we share the spiritual practices and wisdom of our ancestors to help us heal and create a New Earth with love and prayers. We are committed to supporting all of humanity heal their lineage.

Our mission and prayer is to help you embody the divine light in your heart in a judgement free space by sharing our stories and wisdom so, as a collective, we can become the resonance of Pure Love. We offer authentic, organic healing products and sacred power tools to help you while supporting artisans & indigenous tribes.

We honor your courage for choosing to make yourself your priority and in doing so, heal the world and create Heaven on Earth.

Our desire is to remember ancient esoteric and cultural practices that have been empowering the collective for thousands of years to create a new way of healing and living together as one prayer...one song....

the Universe of Grace.



Universe of Grace

Product Highlights

  • Abuela - Cacao
  • Ancient Whispers
  • Caboclo
  • Canela De Velho - Kaxinawa
  • Condor
  • Divine Mother - Sacred Red Rose

Product Testimonials

I have been working with hapè regularly since 2017, and to be honest I have never found a collection of Hapé as amazing as Universe if Grace. They have nearly every type of hapé you could ever ask for.  I truly believe in the healing powers of hapé and can sense that every hapé is carefully designed and blessed by the tribe that creates this sacred medicine.  If you choose to work with this medicine, you will be blessed and very pleased. ♥️

Y. Joy

This hape definitely goes where it is needed you can feel the massive energy it pulls from source to clear, ground, and open the necessary chakras or channels. Keely Spells team does a beautiful job of charging the hape with unconditional love and higher frequencies. The divine mother and grace hapé have really put my psychic abilities at the forefront of my daily life. I am ever so grateful! I will be purchasing their hape again!

A. Heilmann

It’s always a special treat to experience the different blends offered by by Universe of Grace’s Shamanic Snuff. Once you find your favorites, hold onto them. But, even the ones that may seem too much for your spirit are serving a deeper healing and are perfect for you! Seven Sisters is my go to as it provides me a feeling of pure grounding, love and calmness with this blend. Have fun finding yours!

L. Scriven

I’ve never had fresher or more beautiful hapé! You’ve got me for life! There are no words for how much respect I have for this sacred sacrament. I started working with these sacred medicines five years ago. As a medicine women who spends alot of time in ceremonies, hapé grounds and attunes my energy with our divine mother Gaia. You can tell these hapés are made with so much love...♥️


These hapé blends are my absolute favorite, every new one I have tried is just as
amazing as the last. They have become one of the most important tools in my daily practice. I utilize different ones depending on what I am seeking; whether it be to get grounded, deepen my meditation, clear my mind, open my heart, or welcome in downloads.. These blends are made with absolute loving intention and their vibration
can be felt in every administration. So thankful to have them!

S. Nicole

Universe of Grace hapé…What can I say? The best hapé ever! I have many different kinds using them for different needs. Murici for deep cleansing, Abuela to feel happy, Violet Flame for deeper connection and cleansing, etc. Right now my favorite is Mayan Jaguar. All these hapés are prayed over and infused with crystal power. They heal in the deepest sense possible. Once I learned how to use them they became my best friend. May they be there for you just like they are here for me!

H. La Rocca

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