Shave / Beard Oil (Organic)

Shave / Beard Oil (Organic)

We set out to create an organic oil blend that softens the hair, not only before shaving, but leaves skin soft and protected after. We also wanted to create an oil that helps with small cuts and ingrown hairs caused by shaving. This is it!

This oil contains the finest oils and no scents were added. The oils have their own aroma that are fresh, earthy and subtle. We recommend this for both men and women. It can also be used as moisturizing mustache and/or beard oil. We know you’ll love it and never go back to chemical shave creams again! Very little is needed.

Argan Oil is rich in Omega-6 Linoleic Acid and Omega-9 that help the skin maintain its elasticity as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Argan Oil can also be helpful in treating acne and other skin ailments, including psoriasis

Ashwagandha Oil is also extremely nourishing and restores the skin's natural suppleness and elasticity and is excellent for dry or dehydrated skin and prevention of wrinkles. It is also helpful for relieving skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Hibiscus Oil is one of the most powerful anti-aging plants; it's no wonder Hibiscus is called the Botox plant. Hibiscus Oil has a magical reputation for increasing skin elasticity to give a stunning natural youth-boost.

Pumpkin Seed Oil is a storehouse of potent antioxidants, which protects our skin cells from oxidative damages, thereby giving it a young and beautiful appearance. The oil comes packed with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, which also contribute to its anti-aging capacities. The oil is rich in natural alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs), which give the skin a radiant and youthful look by facilitating exfoliation and encouraging cell regeneration.

Sacha Inchi Seed Oil is reputed to calm acne-prone skin and to reduce other blemishes as well as scarring. Sacha Inchi Oil is widely used in high-end skincare formulations for its ability to clean, moisturize, and eliminate bacteria by deeply penetrating skin pores without clogging them.

Shea Oil absorbs easily into the skin to deliver intense moisture without irritating skin, leaving an oily residue, or clogging pores. Because Shea Oil has excellent emollient and moisturizing properties, it is also widely used in shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments. Its conditioning properties moisturize dry, frizzy, damaged, and brittle hair without leaving hair smelling unpleasant or feeling heavy and greasy.

St. John Wort has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties so it helps fight inflammation and relieves symptoms associated with minor wounds and skin irritation such as micro cuts and ingrown hairs.

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