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Rapè or hapé is a medicine of power, which connects to the energy of Youshibu (God of creation, in the indigenous language). This hapé medicine acts on both a physical, emotional and spiritual level. It promotes and reconnects with our spiritual ancestry, conversing with the spirits of the forest...and thus elevating us to higher states of spiritual connection. The medicinal properties of hapé, who have in their composition, the strength of father tobacco together with other forest trees, roots, or flowers, help in the healing process of the mazelas of the soul and the body. Thus, each type of hapé has its healing and medicinal properties. For a correct use of this sacred medicine, it is very important be “clean boda”, to be in favorable environment and mainly with the clear purpose to consecrate this sacred medicine. 



Due to the various ingredients used in each hapé blend our bottles may appear to have different amounts to one another due to the volume of tabacco or ash in that blend. All hapé blends are equal in weight. Each of our hapé blends will include a strength scale displayed in the product description to assist your search. The assigned strength will be displayed in dark. Please see example below. 


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24 products
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  • Divine Mother - Sacred Red Rose
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  • Grandmother Ayahuasca
  • Green Dragon Cannabis
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  • Jurema
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  • Seven Sisters
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  • Sumauma
  • Sun God - Sumauma & Egyptian Mint
  • Tsunu
  • Violet Flame
  • Hapé Spoons


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